Local and Mobile Optimization – a Necessity in Today’s Market

Do you know what most of the people do when they are thinking about buying something? The answer is simple – they browse if online with a search engine. It’s easy and it’s comfortable, especially because globalizationBusinessFlow.png  504×423most of them have easy access to the online environment through mobile devices.

People don’t spent so much time these days connected to a computer with internet – they have smart phones and tablets, mobile devices that help them get instant access to the internet at any time of the day, no matter what their location is.

Having a business, especially if it is local, means that not everybody knows you, but they could know you, but only if you make yourself and your business available online.

Local Search

This is very important because most people are looking for businesses and services in their local area. The local search is actually a set of tools that deliver local results when people look for specific things via the search engines. For example, if you are selling TVs and people in your city will be looking to buy TVs, the search engine will prefer those businesses that are local – it’s good for buyers to know that in their area there is a nearby store that sells TVs. Implement it and you can benefit from it.


small business.png-for-web-normalAs was said, it’s important that you appear with your business in those results for the local area. This is actually good if you think about it. It’s also one of the reasons why your site should be optimized for local search, no matter if the site is searched from a mobile device or from a computer.

Listed Directories

Try Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Yelp and others that represent listed search directories. Once you have filled in the forms, with the information of your website, you will be available online for local search. This is exactly what they are offering – you will be listed in those directories and your website will appear when that kind of business or service is asked in your area.


If you are listed in the local search directories, this will also help your SEO marketing technique. It will increase your ranking, as there will be links from those sites you used directly to your site. It will demonstrate that it is a trusted site with trusted source of information. Experts say that it’s all about credibility when you are listed in those directories, so use them without waiting anymore.

Improve the Standing

business_man_and_woman_400_clr_5662Being listed in those directories represents only the first of many steps than need to be followed. After this, you need to improve your site so that from your home page you can notify your customers what exactly you are offering them. People lose interest in less than 30 seconds, so make your statement clear and concise. Use keywords, use bullet points and make statements, not suppositions.

Go Mobile

Because most people use mobile devices, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile access. It’s easy and if you can’t do it yourself, ask a web designer to help you. As people use these devices more and more often, they are also using them to buy products and services and browse what they need. Mobile optimization is one of the keys of success for any small business.

Reaching More Customers

If you want more, you can always look for Google Adwords. This offers the possibility to run ads only for mobile devices – it’s especially dedicated to small business, and it will run ads on smart phones or tablets. It is perfect, because it is a way to target directly what you want – geo-specific customers, local customers and so on. It works on a budget, but it’s cheap and can be used by any business owner.

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